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Youth Faith Formation

2023-24 Registration is OPEN for all Youth Programs!!!

We are excited to kick off our 2023-24 Faith Formation Programs for all St. Clare of Assisi Youth!  Click on the registration image here or scroll down to get all the info on our new programs!

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1st-5th Grade - Family Faith Formation - Wednesdays 5:30-6:45 (2x/mo beginning Sept 20th)

Lead:  Ann O’Leary


We are excited to use Family of Faith as our program for elementary faith formation.  Parents will join once a month for a required session in which you’ll be able to deepen your faith and be equipped to help pass on the faith to your children.  Throughout the month you’ll have several activities to choose from to do with your children to help drive home the truths of the faith.  


Our second session each month is meant to supplement and support your efforts at home.  Children are expected to attend this session with their catechists. Parents are also welcome to join these weeks for an optional session focused on spiritual growth.  


*Preparation for 1st Reconciliation and 1st Communion for those in their second year of faith formation.  This includes additional expectations, resources, and a retreat [fee = an additional $60]. Register for the regular faith formation program and we’ll be in touch about Sacramental preparation dates*

Faith Formation Calendar 2023-24 ELEMENTARY.png

6th-8th Grade - Middle School Edge Program - Sundays 6-8pm (2x/mo + events, beginning Oct. 1st)

Leads:  Scot Boutcher & Fr. Chahm Gahng


We are continuing with Lifeteen Edge in Middle School.  We’re looking forward to this high-energy, engaging style under the leadership of Scot Boutcher.  Scot is a volunteer, originally from Texas, who has been involved in religious education for over 20 years.  


Please keep in mind that preparation for Confirmation requires two years of participation in faith formation.  Taking part in Edge as an 8th grader constitutes the first year of that preparation.  

High School Youth Ministry (ALL teens 9th-12th grade) - varies, usually 6:30-8pm Sundays 2x/mo

Lead:  Fr Dave Carrano


HS YM consists in regular gatherings for prayer, growth in Christian discipleship, events, and service opportunities.  Its content is guided by the leadership of our HS seniors.  


There is no fee associated with participating in HS YM.  We DO want you to register your teens if they plan to come, even occasionally, so that we have emergency contact information, etc.


YM Kickoff event is Sunday, Sept. 17th from 6-8pm.

MS EDGE Faith Formation Calendar 2023-24 .png
Copy of Faith Formation Calendar 2023-24 YM.png

Confirmation Preparation (teens 9th grade or older who have already participated in one year of faith formation recently) - meets Wednesday 7-8:30 (1x/mo, beginning Oct. 11)

Leads:  Fr. Chahm Gahng, Steve Krebs & Bryan Rach 


Please do NOT register your teen for Confirmation.  We are moving to a youth application procedure for any youth wishing to be confirmed. Our Confirmation webpage contains all of the information your youth needs to start their Confirmation preparation.


Click on calendars for a printable copy 

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