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Confirmation is a time of preparation.  


We are excited to journey with you and your family as you prepare for this great sacrament which completes Baptismal grace and prepares each individual with strength from the Holy Spirit for a life in Christ

Know that this is a journey and it does not stop upon completion of the Sacrament. Please read the information below and if you have any questions feel free to reach out!

Please do NOT register your teen for Confirmation.  Since Confirmation is a life-long commitment of living out the Catholic Faith, only those who are already actively living the life of discipleship in the Catholic Church are to present themselves for Confirmation.  


Instead of registering, your teen (not you), is to complete the APPLICATION and interview process to demonstrate whether they are attending Holy Mass, praying daily, believe the teachings of the Church, and are trying to live Christian lives.  If they are not ready to make this commitment this year, they should participate in Youth Ministry, strive to grow in their relationship with God, and apply next semester or next year.   


Please download the application on this page.  If your child is interested in applying, they should return it to the office or Fr. Chahm -  The deadline is September 1st.  Once your teen has applied, interviewed, and been admitted into Confirmation preparation, we will ask you to register at that point.  


All teens in the Confirmation Preparation program are also expected to attend at least one youth ministry event per Trimester.  

CONFIRMATION Faith Formation Calendar 2024-25 (1).png

Please contact Fr Chahm

or (608)-325-9506
for any further questions about Confirmation. 

Adults Seeking Confirmation

Please see Becoming Catholic (R.C.I.A.) or contact Ann O'Leary at or (608)325-9506.

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