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Volunteer and 

Ministry Opportunities

St. Clare of Assisi is a thriving, dynamic parish with opportunities to bring your faith to action in all sectors of parish life. Whether you have a desire to feed the hungry, share your vocal gifts, or share your love of Christ in our faith formation classes. we have a spot for you.


Listing of our Ministries

Ministry Opportunities

At St. Clare of Assisi Parish, let’s move beyond the basic perspective of seeing your faith life as what you do to who you are called to become. How can you engage your faith? We invite you to move from the comfort of maintenance to the excitement of mission in our community.

We have a thriving membership filled with capable, faithful followers! While we are so grateful for the current ministry leaders and members of the ministries, we also need new faces, new voices, new spirit, new life, new thoughts, new ideas, and new people! 

Please feel free to reach out to any of the ministry leaders listed in our booklet.

Starting your own Ministry

Parish life challenges us to respond dynamically.  If you are inspired to start a new ministry, we have a parish staff team with years of experience to support your calling.  


Above: Our Landscaping Team created a native prairie garden in our new south detention pond.  

Background:  Cantor, Keri and Organist, Cindy create beautiful music at our early am Mass. 

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