Mission Statement

Nurturing a faith-filled Catholic environment for spiritual and educational growth.



School Philosophy

The personal development of each child takes place in an atmosphere of respect and trust which enables the child to progress toward a meaningful, responsible and fulfilling life. 

SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT of each child takes place through the use of a sequentially planned religious studies program.  Planning and participating in weekly liturgies and other prayer opportunities provide the academic and spiritual bonding needed as a faith community to further the students' awareness of their personal and social responsibilities.

INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT of each child is fostered in the elementary grades with emphasis on the basic skills.  These skills are developed through a variety of methods, which meet the child's level of achievement in preparation for the higher-level thinking and decision-making skills needed for life. 

SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT of each child evolves as the child learns to respect self and others, and to accept the obligations of being a member of his/her family, school, church and larger societies.

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT of each child is pursued through teaching acceptance of the human body as a gift from God, imposing responsibilities for care and reverence towards all of God's creation.