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November 23, 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Unfortunately COVID continues to be active in our school and community. A reminder to please keep your children home if they are sick. If they are exhibiting more than one symptom, please get them tested. If they are symptomatic they can test at Fast Care, or any of the pharmacies in town have testing. While waiting for test results, please keep your family members home. Thank you for your continued support of this.

Help Wanted: We have an opening for a director for our hot lunch program. Mr. Swanston was given an opportunity he could not pass by. We thank him for his time here at St. Victor School. We are looking for someone to take over the hot lunch program. This position is about 30 hours per week, from 8:30-2:00 pm. This is a wonderful opportunity for someone who wants a work schedule that corresponds to their children’s school schedule. If you would like to learn more about the position, please feel free to contact me at school, 325-3395 or email,

Advent Season: The Advent season will begin on Sunday, Nov. 28. During this time of Advent we prepare our hearts and minds for the birth of Jesus at Christmas. This is a great time to get into the habit of attending mass on the weekends, and spending a bit more time in prayer each day. On Thursday, Dec. 9 there will be a communal penance service at 5:30. There will be several priests at church to hear your confession. What a great way to prepare for Christmas by receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Christmas Concert: Right now our plan is for our Christmas Concert to be held on Wednesday, Dec. 22. This year to help keep crowds down, we are planning to do one at 1:00 pm and then at 6:30 pm. Both of the concerts will take place in the church. Please remember that we are in a sacred space, so Fr. Tafadzwa has asked that we be respectful of this, no hat wearing, drinking, or eating in church. Also all people will be asked to wear masks. I would strongly encourage some of our grandparents and special friends to attend the concert during the daytime. More details will be coming for this.

Giving Tuesday: The focus of this year’s Giving Tuesday is to enhance, improve and purchase curriculum for present and future students. This is a great opportunity for your family (grandparents and aunts and uncles) to “purchase” Art, Religion, Social Studies, Superkids, Science, Math, or Freckle “student subscriptions” for the year! These donations will allow us to reduce the subsidy that St. Clare of Assisi Parish gives to our school, as well as look at new additional educational items we can add to our school in future years. The most important thing to make Giving Tuesday a huge success for our school is to let your friends and family know how they can participate (and you do this by sharing our Giving Tuesday posts-with everyone!).

Please share:

Evening Lights with Santa: This event is quickly approaching! Thanks to all who continue to contribute for this event! Continue to sell your raffle tickets, and to sign up to help with decorating or the night of the event. Thanks again for making this event such a huge success!

Attached to this email you will find the lunch and snack calendar for December. We will be sending hard copies of these calendars in our Dec. 1 mailing, but wanted you to have the information beforehand.

We are so thankful for all that you do for our school and parish community. On behalf of the faculty and staff of St. Victor School and St. Clare of Assisi Parish we hope that your Thanksgiving break is a great time to reflect on all the blessings that God has given to us.

God Bless,

Joe Peters


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