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February 2, 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Thank you all for your great support of our CSW kick off dance. What a great celebration! The wonderful job our students did at the weekend masses singing, reading and serving were wonderful for our school community. I received a lot of compliments for our great participation. A reminder being present at the weekend masses is always a huge bonus for St. Victor School!

NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 7. This is an inservice for St. Victor School ONLY!

Virtual Mardi Gras: This event is quickly approaching and we need your help! Currently each school family receives a packet of 5 raffle tickets, if each one of our families sell those 5 tickets we would have a total of 445 tickets sold, but currently we have just 120 turned in. This raffle is an easy way to get your family and friends involved. If you are able to sell more tickets please do! We have goals set to help encourage the selling of tickets:

300 tickets sold, Mr. Peters will get a pie(or a couple of them) in his face(4 tickets per family)

500 tickets sold, each child will help duct tape Mr. Peters to the doors(6 tickets per family)

700 tickets sold, a movie day and treats for all (and no HOMEWORK)(8 tickets per family)

800 tickets sold a student will be chosen as principal for the day

(and one other special secret surprise!)(9 tickets per family)

I know we can do this!!!! Please help make this event successful!

The evening of Mardi Gras, February 26, will be a virtual Mardi Party at home! We are looking to engage your family (and friends, relatives) in supporting us during an hour long online event! There will be music, games, food, and fun for all! The highlight will be sharing our online auction(which you can share with others), the more we generate interest in our auction the more successful our night will be! The order for your “Mardi Party Pack” is located in today’s family envelope! Time to order and have a great night of fun that benefits our school!

I am pleading with you if you have a talent, gift, or experience that you would like to share as part of our auction that would be greatly appreciated (do you make your own salsa, or gifted at desserts, are a great fishing guide, or woodworking is a hobby, and so on) maybe you have season tickets to the Mallards, Badgers, or to the Overture Center. Maybe your family has a cottage “up north'' that they would be willing to donate for a weekend this summer? Any and all of these make incredible and personal auction items. Be creative and help make this event even better than a year ago!!!

Milk Break Reminder: If your child is planning on taking milk break milk for the second semester this money is due to the office by this Friday, Feb. 4. If we do not receive payment your child will no longer be able to take milk until the payment is made. Please let us know your intentions. Thanks.

Parent Teacher Conferences: The links for February Parent Teacher Conferences were sent home last week. Please make sure you sign up (as times are filling up). If you need the link again, please let me know.

Congratulations to the following student winners in the Green County Land and Water Conservation Poster Contest:

1st place 4th-6th Grades: Pearl Hillary

1st Place 2nd-3rd Grade: Alexis Speer

2nd Place 2nd-3rd Grade: Aliyah Shelton

3rd Place 2nd-3rd Grade: Clara Veeder

Thank you so much for all the support that you continue to give to our school. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at school, (608)325-3395 or email me at

God Bless,

Joe Peters


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