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February 15, 2023

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Mardi Gras is HERE! We are excited to welcome about 230 people in person to Turner Hall to support our school and your children. Many of these guests do not have children at our school but they feel strongly in our mission and in your children! We currently have sold 514 raffle tickets! Thanks to those who have turned in their tickets, if you do not turn in your tickets, we ask that you make the required donation of $50 for the value of the tickets (which is stated in your tuition contract). A reminder that the raffle alone generates between $5000-$7000 for our school, and without those tickets being sold, we need to find other ways during the event to generate that income. We will collect raffle tickets through the end of the school day on Friday, or you can bring them to the event that night.

Due to some uncertainty with the weather, an email will go out tomorrow explaining the plan for Mardi Gras decorating on Thursday. We do need people to make sure Turner Hall looks amazing for our event.

PLEASE show up for your assigned shift, we need a team of people to make this event so successful. Please note that dress for the night is business casual, and after your shift you are free to stay for the music, the games and the fun! For those who are signed up to work the evening of, a specific email with your job description will be coming shortly!

It’s also time to BID on the auction. There are so many great things available to you(your grandparents, neighbors, and friends). The auction will begin on Thursday, Feb. 16 and run through Sunday, Feb 19 at noon.

The auction link (PLEASE SHARE) is: As always please feel free to share via social media with your friend and family. Please help support this wonderful event!

A huge thank you to the Mardi Gras Committee: Marci Boss, Nicole Carpenter, Melissa Phillips, Carrie Mortimer, Hattie Stuessey, Kristin Shager, Brittany Trimble, Danyell Stevenson, Robin Trombetta and Mike Jerge have worked so hard to make this event a success. Please continue to pray for a successful event.

Lent: the season of Lent begins on Wednesday, Feb. 22 with Ash Wednesday. This is a school mass day, so please wear your blue polos! During the season of Lent we focus on the following three behaviors: improving our prayer life, fasting (for Catholics that means no meat on Fridays) and almsgiving (giving to those less fortunate than we are). The St. Victor School Student Council will again be conducting the Penny War. There is a hand out in today’s envelope explaining this Lenten activity. I hope and pray that your Lenten journey will be filled with wonderful ways to grow in our faith!

March 4: We will again be having students sing and do the readings for the Saturday, March 4 4:30 pm liturgy. Following that mass, students and families are invited to the school gym for a pizza dinner and a concert by artist Ken Lonnquist! This is a great and fun family centered evening! There is a RSVP form in today’s envelope so we can have an accurate number for food! I encourage you strongly to join us for both mass and the concert/pizza dinner that night!

Fish Fry Volunteer Link: Here is the link to help out with our first Fish Fry on Friday, Feb. 24. We hope you can either join us to help or stop by with your family to eat! This is a wonderful fellowship and community event.

Thank you so much for your continued support of St. Victor School and St. Clare of Assisi Parish. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at school (608)325-3395.

God Bless,

Joe Peters


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