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December 21, 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians:

On behalf of the entire faculty and staff of St. Victor School and St. Clare of Assisi Parish we wish your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please join your parish family for Mass to celebrate the birth of Jesus:

Dec. 24 4:00 pm (St. Victor School students singing) 7:00 pm, and Midnight

Dec. 25 9:00 am

Christmas Eve 4:00 pm Liturgy: The K-6 students have been asked to sing at the 4:00 pm Christmas Eve Liturgy! This is a great opportunity to share our wonderful love of singing with our entire parish community. Students are asked to arrive in the choir loft NO LATER THAN 3:30 PM. PLEASE PLAN to make this a wonderful Christmas tradition for your family.

There is a paper ornament in your family envelope today for your children. Please decorate it and bring it to mass with you this Christmas. It will help decorate and make our church look even more beautiful!

Congratulations to the following winners of our Christmas SCRIP contest:

$75 Karen Vale $25 Vicki Curran

And on our day of Brunch with Santa winner: The Schuppner family!

Thank you for a wonderful turnout for our Christmas concert! It was truly a great night of music and celebration.

Classes will resume on Tuesday, Jan. 3! Please have a wonderful Christmas vacation.

Mark your calendars for Catholic Schools Week 2023! We will celebrate our special week January 28-Feb. 3. We will kick off with the students singing at 4:30 mass on Saturday, January 28 and the dance will follow. It is going to be a great week filled with many fun activities.

From the Brunch with Santa Committee: Thank you again for the tremendous support for our recent Brunch with Santa Event. Thinking ahead for next year, if you are out and about shopping deals following the Christmas Holiday, we could use some new donated materials.

Large Ribbon with wire

Wrapping paper

Large shatterproof Christmas ball ornaments

Christmas lights (white)

4K Registration: 4K registration for the 2023-24 school year will begin on Monday, January 9. There is an information sheet in today’s envelope. Please pass this information on to any family or friends who may have children that are 4K eligible.

Mardi Gras: It is hard to believe that Mardi Gras is just around the corner, Saturday, February 18! Our hopes would be that when you are around family and friends during the break you will be able to sell the tickets that were sent home last week. A reminder to those families with students in grades K-6th it is your obligation to sell raffle tickets. Please follow through on this obligation. We again will offer different levels for raffle ticket sales:

250 total raffle tickets sold: Mr. Peters spends the day in a special surprise costume

(I think it is going to be T-rex-iffic)

500 total raffle tickets sold: Movie and popcorn day

750 total raffle tickets sold: Students will turn Mr. Peters into a human ice cream sundae by

adding whipped cream, chocolate, caramel sauce and cherries!

800 total raffle tickets sold: One lucky student will become Principal for the Day!

Again please enjoy your time with family and friends during the Christmas season! My hopes and prayers are for a Merry Christmas to all and a wonderful Happy New Year!

God Bless,

Joe Peters


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