Holy Matrimony

Jesus lifted marriage to the level of a sacrament, revealing the love of God for us and Christ’s love for the Church. It is a sacred covenant and lifelong commitment between a man and woman.  

An engaged couples' preparation for the sacrament of matrimony should begin with an appointment with the pastor at least 6-8 months before the anticipated wedding date. Please contact us before setting your wedding date.


Wedding Planning Process 

Step 1:  Meet with Pastor.  At least 6-8 months before desired wedding date.

Step 2:  Only after meeting with the Pastor are you able to reserve your wedding and rehearsal dates.  At least 6-8 months before desired wedding date.

Step 3:  Begin marriage prep program.  At least 6 months before wedding date.

Step 4:  Click here to register for diocesan wedding preparation sessions.  At least 6 months before wedding date.

Step 5:  Plan your Wedding Liturgy.  At least 4-5 months before wedding date.

Step 6:  Participate in your wedding rehearsal.  1 day before wedding.

Please contact Ann O'Leary

AnnOLeary@stclaregreencounty.org or


for any questions or to begin the Marriage preparation process.

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