Why St. Victor School?

Why Choose St. Victor School?

Families choose St. Victor's Catholic School for an education that integrates Catholic religious instruction and advanced preparatory academics, while supporting the Christian virtues and morals taught in the home. 

Additionally, St. Victor students 

  • Are taught by dedicated and qualified teachers who believe in the mission of St. Victor School
  • Are able to experience strong core subjects which includes Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science, along with Religion, Music, Physical Education, Art, Technology, Spanish, and Library
  • Are given opportunities for public speaking
  • Are challenged to live their faith in action
  • Are able to integrate faith into their daily lives
  • Are encouraged to think of others and the greater world community
  • Are exposed to an amazing fine arts program (music and art)
  • Are part of a strong sense of community in our school and parish that is built on faith, values, and compassion