Parent Testimonials

What Parents Are Saying About Our School!

We take a lot of pride in our school, but do not take our word for it.  Instead, hear what our parents have to say about St. Victor School!

"Saint Victor School not only has excelled in its LONG history of providing an excellent education to its students, it also has the means to intertwine faith, family and friendship in to it, making the whole education process a pathway to GREATNESS!"

"Being able to give our daughter another year at St. Victor School is such an incredible blessing.  She is being taught so many things: Math, Reading, Art, Music, Gym, Library, Computer, Religion, but most important she is being taught about being a good person and being kind and thoughtful of others."

"I’m glad my children get the chance to learn religion in their everyday studies.  I notice a difference between my kids and other kids that don’t have religion in their lives.  My kids are respectful and well mannered, because they want to live like they are taught in the Bible."

"We are very grateful to St. Clare of Assisi Parish, for the opportunity that they gave us to obtain a scholarship for our daughter.    We are fully confident that she is receiving an excellent education, not only academically but also spiritually.  She loves school and we are proud and happy to see her continue learning and growing her faith in Christ."