Student Created Projects

Student Created Projects

Each year, our classroom projects are a hit at Mardi Gras.  We thought we would give you a sneak peek!

4 Year Old Kindergarten

This colorful rug was “hand”crafted by the 4K students of St. Victor School. Perfect for wherever you need a splash of color…or bit of whimsy. “With heart and helping hands, a child can accomplish anything.”


“With These Hands We Give Thanks”

The Kindergarten class this year has decorated a table runner and 8 placemats for your dining room table. The students put their painted handprints on the runner and placemats and then sewed on large buttons to create a colorful, fun and whimsical look. The runner measures 18inx88in and the placemats are the size of an average placemat. The handprints represent the friendships we have made in Kindergarten as well as to give thanks to the Lord for all of our blessings. Also included with this adorable project is a large Ball jar centerpiece, decorated with dried flowers and mini LED lights.

1st Grade

The 1st graders created a "Recipes From the Heart" cookbook.  Each child used their imagination to write their favorite recipe and each 1st grade family submitted their favorite family recipe.  Darling photographs of the students and graphics the students completed in technology class are also included.  In addition, a chef's hat, oven mitts, and apron with each student’s signature complete this auction item.

2nd Grade

Project details coming soon!

3rd Grade

Are you “Wild About Reading”?  The 3rd Graders are, too!  We transformed an ordinary 3-shelf black bookcase into something extraordinary to hold your book collection.  We decorated the top and sides with our painted handprints and changed those handprints into something wild - our favorite animals!  The inside of the bookcase is lined with animal print foam, and the “Wild About Reading” theme is printed across the top in animal print foam letters.  Wild, indeed!

A list of which handprint belongs to whom is attached to the back of the case.  To prevent chipping and fading of the acrylic paint, each handprint animal has been sealed with Mod Podge for protection.


4th Grade

Our fourth grade Mardi Gras project is a floating picture of the children's hands that will be a great addition to your home! The students are placed in a heart formation to capture your hearts and memories of fourth grade.

5th Grade

The most asked question as a child is, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Dressed the part, the 5th graders are showcasing their future careers on a 12 x 12 stretch canvas. This will be so much fun to look back at when they are all grown up!


Display your children's artwork for all to see because "Every Child is an Artist!"



Mrs. Booth needs an assistant and that could be your child!  Does your child like reading, books, and fun?  If so, your child will get to lead Library for a day and plan projects for our Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grade students. 

Physical Education

Your child will be able to become the physical education teacher for the day.  They will get to pick and lead the class activities.  Mr. Gissing will work with your child to select a day that they would like to teach.  He will also help them plan and brainstorm ideas of fun activities they could do with their class.



  • June Newscast:  Mrs. Lewis is giving you a chance to purchase the month of June's Newscast for your child's class. Your child will be able to select what job the would like to have for the newscast. The whole class will get jobs for this special newscast coming live from your child's class.


  • Technology Party: This Tech Party thrown by Mrs. Lewis will include pizza, a cake, and tech projects catered to your child's age group. This is a party for up to 12 kids. This would be a great birthday party or just a great get together for your child's friends!!