Home and School Board

What is the St. Victor Home and School Board?

We are the Parent Organization at St. Victor School.  

The St. Victor Home and School Board is the organization that works to create a strong sense of community for all of our students and their families. The Board is made up of parents and meets monthly with the St. Victor School Principal and a teacher representative.

The Board consists of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Fundraising Chair, Social Activities Chair and Hospitality Chair. An extension of the Home & School Board is the Social Activities Committee.

What does the Home and School Board do?

The three main areas of concentration are:

  • Planning and fund-raising for school needs that might not otherwise be met
  • Financial and other support for classroom and student needs
  • Activities that foster a connection and an even greater sense of community to bring our students and their families together with each other outside of the normal school day

St. Victor School is extremely fortunate to have a very giving and supportive Parish that assists with operational costs for the school not covered by tuition. The Home & School Board focuses on providing additional support for curriculum and other school programs that enhance the educational and social development of our children. Additional funds are always needed. Your contributions through past and future fundraisers have provided immeasurable assistance to our school.