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Developing Leadership Skills: Be the Best for the World!

Our students are encouraged to "Be the Best for the World":

  • What Would Jesus Do?
  • Others First
  • Responsible and Respectful
  • Look, Listen and Learn
  • Do the Right Thing (even when no one is looking)


Promoting Good Behavior through the Rainbow Chart

This year we continue to use a school-wide system using coded colors on a clip chart. The chart is like a vertical rainbow. Every day a child starts on the green piece of the rainbow titled “Ready to Learn”. Throughout the day the students will move up and down the rainbow chart according to their choices.

Students can move into more positive colors titled “outstanding, great job and good day”. If a child chooses to make bad decisions throughout the day they can move down the rainbow to colors titled “Think about it, teacher’s choice and parent contact”.

A child can move up and down the clip chart all day. If a bad decision was made, they can always end up on a ‘higher color’ by the end of the day if they make good choices, work hard and improve their behavior.

Every day your child’s folder will be marked with where they ended their day.

This is a great opportunity to communicate with your child how great they’re doing or how important it is to make good choices.