2nd Grade


Second grade is a year full of many milestones!  In 2nd grade the students prepare for and receive two sacraments, Reconciliation and First Eucharist.  Learning about these two special occasions is a very exciting time for the second graders. 

We continue to use the same reading series as Kindergarten and 1st grade, Superkids!  The boys and girls love to continue reading about their favorite characters and have great discussions about lifelong lessons that the story characters encounter. 

In math we build on concepts learned in 1st grade, and we start new skills such as double digit addition and subtraction.  Our math series, Envision Math, provides the class with many visual (and interactive) representations of math operations, offering them a concrete visual of how/why math operations happen. 

In Science the students learn concepts through experiments and investigations.  Some of our science units include: magnets, plants, balance, and sound.  Social Studies class helps the 2nd graders to develop a better understanding of neighborhood and community. 

After Christmas the students are always eager to learn cursive writing and many find it challenging and fun.   Aside from the many areas of study, the students also participate in weekly liturgies, service projects, and specialty classes.   Second grade is a year full of friendship and fun!