St. Clare - Sister Water Project

In 2015 we challenged our parish to give to those in desperate need of clean water:

"Learn about the reality of water in Honduras and Tanzania. We strongly urge you to support the Sister Water Project, a project started by the Franciscan Sisters in Dubuque, Iowa. Sister Rita Goedken, our former pastoral associate in the late 90’s, was one of the driving forces behind this project. All were encouraged to take a brochure in the back of church, take a water Lenten calendar, and learn more by going to The cost of one well for one community is $5,500. Do you believe our small St. Clare Parish could pay for one well? Believe it! By filling a bucket at home with donations from the activities on the Lenten calendar, writing a check, or helping to fill the glass container in back of church, the parish raised enough for 2 wells in its inaugural year. 

The generosity of our parish continues to be INSPIRING.  This is our yearly lenten project and we are excited to share that this spring we were able to gift our 14th and 15th WELL!!!  100% of the wells built by Sister Water Project are still in commission.  The wells we raised funds for this year are already in use!

Below are pictures and info on a few of the wells that St. Clare Parish has sponsored. 

WELL #228 This well is in the community of Migwazoni-Kiloka in a rural district of Morogoro, Tanzania.  This well will help to give clean drinking water to the 1200 villagers.  Before this new well was created the town typically had no water during the driest period of the year and the lack of clean water resulted in a risk of diseases such as cholera, typhoid fever, and dysentery.  Thanks to your generosity- this community has fresh water daily! 


WELL #235: This well was constructed in the community of Milegwelegwe which is southeast of Morogoro, Tanzania and will benefit about 800 villagers.  The village leadership expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Sister Water Project with these words, "Before the construction of this well I could hardly struggle to get enough water to drink, cook, and clean my body.  Having this well near our premises is a blessing! Extend our appreciations to the donors."  

WELL # 265 and #266 

"The village leaders expressed their deep gratitude for your generous donation with which the construction of the new wells was possible.  Getting sustainable access to safe water will benefit them in many different ways, including a considerable reduction of water-related diseases and improvement of the general welfare of the community. Before the implementation of the well, the situation was very hectic, women and children would often walk long distances and spend a number of hours searching for water.  As a result, this denied their full participation in income generating activities and poor academic performance of young children."

WELL #265 is located at Michungwani and will help benefit an estimated number of 2,000 people. 

WELL #266 is located at Kwasungura and will help benefit an estimated number of 1,200 people. 

This is what the water sources currently look like before the wells were constructed. 

   The digging of the well #265