Wednesday Nights 7:00-8:15 pm (Grades 8&9)


 2017-18 Session Information 

Welcome, Families of Faith!

I am very excited to begin a new year with all of our youth.  This year we have changed the set up for Confirmation classes back to Wednesday Nights, we find this night works better for families.  Please refer to the calendar HERE to know which dates your youth should attend.  They will have classes from 7:00-8:15 pm at St. Victors School. 

Our current 8th grade students will work through the Chosen Confirmation Program.  Feel free to watch this recap video of the program. 


Our Current 9th Grade class is working on defining and sharpening their understanding of the faith.  Each youth in 9th grade must complete the Confirmation check-list before their personal interview. 

Confirmation Check List


  • Sponsor Meeting:  

When: January 13 2019 10am-1pm

Where: St. Clare of Assisi Parish (St. Victor Church)

Why: A day of formation and prayer for our confirmation youth and their sponsors.If the sponsor is not local a parent can fill in for the day, although I would like the sponsor to be there if at all possible.The registration form is attached- please fill it out and return no later than December 12 2018.


  • Service Hours:  10 hours of service to the parish (from 3 different events)

When:Must be completed by August 2019

What: Youth will need to complete 10 hours of Service to our parish.This can be completed by working a parish dinner, YM fundraiser event, youth choir, serving at Mass, helping with faith formation, etc.The confirmandi will be responsible for tracking hours and will need to turn in the form by August 2019.


  • Confirmation Saint Report: Due May 2019

Report Guidelines: 1 page double spaced size 12 font.

Students are encouraged to answer the following questions:

Who is your Saint?

When is their feast day?

Why do you want them as your confirmation saint?

What values of the church do they have that you admire?

How will you reflect and live like this Saint?



  • Letter to the Bishop: Due May 2019

Letter Guidelines: size 12, at least 5 sentence paragraph required.

Students are encouraged to answer the following questions:

Why do you want to be confirmed?

Who & why you chose your Saint and Sponsor?

What will do upon completion of Confirmation?

Ways you serve and will continue to serve our parish or future parishes?



  • Attend the Overnight Confirmation Retreat: Each Confirmation Student is REQUIRED to attend an overnight retreat before receiving the sacrament.  Miss Betsy is in the process of finalizing the location and dates but will have that information to you by late December so you can plan accordingly.


  • One on One Interview:   This is to be schedule AFTER papers and service hours are completed.  The confirmation youth will need to be responsible to reach out and set up a time to meet with either Miss Betsy or Msgr. Bakke.  This will need to be completed by August 2019.





Weekly Check-In's

Due to the special preparation for the Sacrament- attendance is required for Confirmation youth.  Should they have to miss a class it is the responsibility of the youth to make it up.  Attendance will be taken every night and posted at the end of the month with make-up options. 





Betsy Brennan
Coordinator of Faith Formation


Office Phone:
(608) 325-9506

Cell Phone:
(608) 963-8879



If your child will miss class, please contact the faith formation team with absentee details 

phone: (608) 325-3395

*Please use this email on Sundays and after 3:00 pm on Wednesdays