Adult Faith Formation

St.Clare's Adult Faith Formation 

Welcome everyone---- 

I am so excited to be here and to help you all grow deeper in your faith life, wether it be through prayer, study, worship or growth.  This fall we are very excited to present a few new things available for you to be a part of here at the parish!  If you are at all interested or curious please contact the person by each group! 


Clare's Club--  This will be a Women's Group in which we will share time to grow in both faith and fellowship.  This is open to anyone who is graduated from High School and looking for ways to be part of a spiritual group within green county.  Details will be out soon when dates get finialized.  If you are intersted in joining or want to know more please contact Betsy Brennan at  

Mens Club---  Ideally this is a group for the men of the parish to grow in both Faith and fellowship.  Details are TBD contact Garret if you are interested at 

RCIA-  The is for any adults who are looking to become part of the Catholic Church and have not recieved thier sacraments.  They typically meet on Tuesday nights from 5:30-6:30pm at the Parish Center. The group is diving in but please feel free to join in at anytime!  If you are insterested in this please contact Ann Oleary at 

Choir-  Right now the Parish has a wonderful mens chior who sings on occasion for the church, we are looking to see if we have any women who would want to be part of a choir-- reach out to Daniel our litgury man at 

Once again-- I am extremely excited and blessed to be sharing my time with St.Clare's and I look forward to helping you all grow in a deeper level of faith.  Contact me with any questions you might have.  Blessing in Christ as we begin this journey together!  

Betsy Brennan

Adult Faith Formation Coordinator