2020 Parish Mission

                                              MISSION 2020 : NOURISH YOUR FAITH VISION

                                                                  DEACON RALPH POYO 



We had an incredible time with Deacon Ralph Poyo at Mission 2020 in early February. If you were able to join, thank you. If not, enjoy the videos below.  This mission brought about an overall sense of faith renewal and challenge that we, as Catholics, are often yearning to experience. Each night of the mission, Deacon Ralph focused on one of our new core values: We are guided by Christ, growing in Christ, and giving as Christ. 





We are guided by Christ. This concept is fundamental to our own faith journey whether we are a new Catholic or have been practicing our whole lives. To allow yourself to be guided, you must have a level of trust. Do you fully trust that God will provide all that you need? To reflect on this question, Deacon Ralph shared the story of Abraham, one of our greatest disciples. Abraham heard the word of God when he was asked to move his family, he believed the word when God told him his wife would bear a son, and he acted on the word of God by taking his son to be sacrificed. He had authentic faith.


He heard. He believed. He acted. 


Each day, we have the ability to do the same. If God asked you to sacrifice your most prized possession, would you be willing to do so? That’s the challenge: how deep is your FAITH? Do you stand up and live for Jesus, or do you stay in your seat and follow the comforts of the world? When Jesus calls, he will ALWAYS provide.



We are growing in Christ. On night two, Deacon Ralph led us through a look at our own heart. In order to grow in Christ, we have to be open about our faith. Trust, without the walls and masks, allows us to be “all in.” We get caught up in the lies and evils of the world, causing us to only “play church” where we hear the word of God. We might understand it, but we live life according to our own needs and wants. As a society, we lack the ability to share our truth with those around us. Deacon used a visual representation of chains wrapped around himself. Those chains represent our pursuit of happiness APART from God (sins). He then called Msgr. Larry up and walked through the sacrament of confession in which those chains are taken off, and sins are forgiven!




We are made for truth. God gave us three pillars: the Church, the word of God, and the Holy Spirit. We have three parts: body (physical sense), soul (intellect, emotions, self-determination), and the spirit (spiritual sense—fruits of the spirit). If one is lacking, we are not complete. Ask God to give you an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, so you can see and understand the realities of God.







We are giving as Christ. Night three was powerful! Deacon shared the overall importance that parents be in union with God. Using a vase with food dye and a flashlight, he demonstrated how it affects everyone when that union is broken, since children are looking to their parents as the example in all facets of their life (including their spiritual life). Wouldn’t it be amazing if our kids wanted to meet God? God wants to be with us 24/7. He will use us to change the lives of others; when we take on his identity, we are called to be a disciple. God wants YOU. We are made for love—the love of GOD.

We look to have a relationship with God, to be guided by our trust in him, and grow in our faith. This will lead us to serve others and give as Christ.


Enjoy the videos of each night of Mission 2020


Mission 1: https://youtu.be/byfMdWeTXx4


Mission 2: https://youtu.be/TqNjyTUx6HQ


Mission 3: https://youtu.be/9r301_YOA1E