ARISE Middle School Faith Formation

 Middle School (Grades 6&7)


 April 29 2020

Welcome to ARISE, 

Friends- I hope you are all doing well and finding ways to enjoy the warmer weather we are slowly starting to get.  My challenge to you is to find new ways to dig deeper into your faith!!  Open the Bible to Micah Chapter 6 and read all about our new theme for next...focusing on verse 8!  Write a reflection of what it means to.....




with our God.... Know that I miss you all and look forward to a time in which we will all be able to gather together again.  Please know that I continue to hold you all in my prayers more than ever.  I ask that you continue to seek the Lord, be it through prayer, scripture reading, serving others, or visiting one of these sites and partaking in spiritual activities.

If you need anything-- please do not hesitate to reach out to Miss Betsy. 


Blessings in Christ!



Betsy Brennan
Coordinator of Youth Ministry


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(608) 325-9506

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